Wednesday, July 16, 2008


so i'm not really a fan of those blogs that post music lyrics (no offense to those who do) but lately i have NOT been able to get this one song out of my head that we sang at orientation and debriefing, (it sounds like we were taking off our underwear....).

it's an older song i guess, but who cares? it's awesome! "Sing to the King" is the title and it is truly amazing!! i walk around the house singing, i sing it in the target and get weird looks, and yes, even in the shower. the only minor detail/issue i have with it is the line that says "He's all we need," when truly Jesus is all we have. so in true cindy style, i just change it when i sing it.

i'm not going to post the lyrics cause i want you to look up the song (suckas!). but truly y'all check it out if you don't know it or if you haven't heard it in a while. it is worth the 99 cents!!


Justine said...

I appreciate your love for that song :)
It made me sing through it in my head..
Its crazy how inadequate the melody seems for the words that it proclaims.
Miss you Cindy :)

rachel said...

you have been tagged.
and my feelings will not be hurt if you ignore it.