Monday, June 8, 2009


welp, i said no to hume last night. my heart still breaks a bit for the missed opportunities that potentially laid ahead. however, i am so sick of missing out good friendships over the summer. i've missed at least six of my friends' weddings over the past four years because of being overseas, work, or school. i want to show my friends how much i value them, not just in word, but in action, no matter how many wedding gifts i have to buy or weddings i have to sit through, (wait, get to sit through?).

this decision has left me jobless once again. i'm headed to the pool today to beg to be put first on the sub's list if not put on the overall schedule. i'm trying to trust in Lord and trying to remind myself of how faithful He is. That doesn't mean i'll get a job, it just means that this time is mean to be spent without a job. i'm grateful in many ways because i've been able to hang out with friends and my blood pressure is low without the stress of a job. also, i'm half way through the fourth harry potter book and i get to spend time with my mom as she recovers.

in other news, ellen and i are fairly convinced that the jeovah's witnesses are targetting our dad; they've been to our house three times since i've been home. please pray that he will resist their words, but fall in love with the Lord Jesus. also, my dad has a good friend who is a Christ follower. Please pray that this man will speak VOLUMES into my dad's life and that my dad's ears would be open.

that's all. cbu friends-miss you and, again, if you're in the sf area, CALL ME!! friendship, after all, is the ship that never fails. ;)

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