Sunday, February 27, 2011

book update

febraury is almost over, which means the reading of calvin miller's into the depths of God should be over too. well, this is not the case. there were definitely things i liked about this book, but truly, the emotionalism of this book is a bit too much for this thinker-turned-feeler. i have too many feelings to add reading a book about them onto it. maybe i'll pick this book up again in another six years. or maybe not.

so what book does march bring? well, if it's on my shelf, i'll be mentally and spiritually consuming the problem of pain by c.s. lewis. despite his armenian views, he has a deep understanding of many things of God and i believe i can learn from him, even if i disagree with his stance on certain theological views.

i'm looking forward to this book because there is a lot of suffering around me. some dear friends are going through the ringer, i watch people progressively and, essentially, slowly die at work, and i see such a large portion of my family suffering in their chains. this doesn't even address those around the world who suffer daily and constantly because of their conviction to follow Jesus. suffering, while completely biblical and wonderful, is something i find myself struggling through. i hope that this book will aid my understanding of suffering and teach this confused heart how to cope. (yes, ultimately, i know Jesus is the only One who can do this, but books can aid the process).

so, welcome to you march....two days early.

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