Thursday, February 17, 2011

a week of firsts

i really like to have adventures. now, don't limit this wonderful word adventure; adventure encompasses many a' thing. one thing i consider an adventure is trying or experiencing something new. this week has been filled with "firsts." let me tell you about them:

  • today is the first day that i can officially be called a critical care nurse! i am now ekg and acls certified!! this, my friends, is crazy! the state of california not only believes i can give some heavy duty medications and perform procedures, but now i can officially run a code. while the likelihood of me running a code is slim, i'm not sure they quite know what they're doing.
  • i received my first "love note." okay, he never said he "loved" me, but he did ask me to call him and gave me his digits. best part of the story-it was one of my patients! hahaha. (for the record, he was mentally totally there, only 41 y/o, and a nice guy). it was a funny situation that i hope i won't have to face again.
  • i received my first piece of mail to my new apartment just for me. this made me smile.
  • i'll be calling in sick for the first time since i've been a nurse on my own....and i'm not sick. (whahahah) i do need a mental health day and will enjoy it thoroughly!
  • i went out with my new coworkers in a social setting. it was good! i am blessed with a great new grad cohort!
  • on this outing, i went to a bar. like, a legit bar. it was not the most glamorous "first" i've experienced. however, now i feel more like an adult.
  • last night, i stood in the rain intentionally, even when it turned into a hail. (ok, i've done this one before, but it was still pretty awesome, so i needed to share)

well, that's it for now. i'm excited to update you on more firsts in my life!

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kim said...

girl you crazy! i sent you a thankyou note to your apartment. addressed to you right after christmas! i sure hope you got it! :)