Wednesday, February 2, 2011


hello february!

here are a couple of things to follow up on:

  • i finished living the cross centered life by c.j. mahaney. probably one of the most practical books i've read in a while. c.j. gives it to ya straight...and i need that! i'll blog more about it soon.
  • i'm onto book numero dos, into the depths of God by calvin miller. i actually read this book in joshua, but remember not liking it, so i wanted to try it again. i remember why i hated it. it's a very emotional, feelings-centered approach to experiencing God. i was going to stop reading it (since i started it a couple of weeks ago), but decided to hold off after the chapter about money. as a nurse, i make money. and i found myself treasuring it. this makes me sick. i am grateful for the conviction revealed in this book and will continue least for now.
  • yesterday, paul washer tweeted this: "the christian life is not filed with many great things, but rather with many small things that add up to something great." this is not how i've been living the last 2-4 months (if not longer). i am such a dreamer and such a future-oriented person that i forget the importance of the here and now as i'm dreaming and planning for the future. i want to live well for Christ now, today, at 0900. i want the little things i do to be a sweet aroma to Him. Lord, transform my heart again. let me cling to You.
  • yesterday, i also read this quote from francis chan: "i dare you to take the words of Jesus seriously." i've heard him say this before, but for some reason it cut deep yesterday. to some extent, i used to live in this realm of faith. but now i just don't. i mean, when was the last time i loved my neighbor as much as i love me? or didn't worry about tomorrow? or lived in the reality that i do not need to do good things to be in right standing with the King of all? i know these things are true, but living in their reality has not happened so much. and that's what we call sin, kids. forgive me, Most High, for my disobedience. cause me to abide in You!
  • the apartment is fun. i am often a house-mate slacker when it comes to chores. working 12's is rough.
  • (great transition here...) working 12's is rough. in november, i was finally feeling somewhat comfortable at work. i had a schedule and routine after months of non of that. but since mid-november, aka the switch to 12's, my life seems crazy again. no routine means lack of discipline. and lack of discipline means lack of....well, everything else good. i'm hoping to see some light at the end of this foggy, heavy mess. 
  • mo-mo's were REAL good! i hope to find me some ground buff (please have it stocked, whole foods!) and make the next round on my next stretch of time off!
  • this weekend i have 4 days off....and i am SO excited! on friday, i'll be spending some time in sacramento with some dear friends, then driving to clio to hang out with one of my besties sister, (confused? that's ok). then, i'll come back to the bay, and spend time with the hope family. fantastic weekend to me!

that's about it for now. until next time....