Wednesday, January 26, 2011

adventures in cooking

i've had a lot of free time this week since i earned a day off (holler to paying it forward). i haven't really known what to do with my time, but i think i've decided to cook something new on my days off.

i've gained 6.4 pounds in last month (sick, i know) and i feel like i need a motivation to loose weight. my ww leader said she lost 60 of her first 80lbs just by changing the way she ate. i figure it's a good place to start. i get bored with cabbage and celery vegetable soup, so then i go for the super cheesy dilla. 

so this adventure is two-fold: do something constructive with my time and find some foods that taste good and are healthy.

today, i made wheat gnocchi, a mere 7 points per serving (including the sauce and cheese). YUM!

on either thursday or friday i'm makin mo-mo's, nepali dumplings that have capture my taste buds. not sure how healthy they are, but this is more to satisfy the 8 month longing for them!

any suggestions?

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