Monday, January 17, 2011

books for 2011

i like reading. i also like books, so i have this horrible tendency to buy books, and then they sit on a shelf for a really long time.

i'm excited to read more. throughout nursing school, i just didn't have the mental capacity to read for pleasure, so i'm excited to be able to do this again. below, i'm listing some of the books i want to read this year. i'm trying not to repeat authors so that i can read different styles and be challenged to think for myself. here we go:
  • finish living the cross centered life by c.j. mahaney. it's a book that is kicking my butt, but i love it. 
  • peace child by don richardson
  • into the depths of God by calvin miller
  • worship matters by bob kauflin
  • the great omission  by dallas willard
  • fifty reasons why Jesus came to die by john piper (you knew i'd read one from him, now didn't y'all?)
  • forgotten God by francis chan
  • either the four loves or the problem of pain by c.s. lewis
  • persuasion by jane austin
  • potentially finish irresistible revolution (i really love this book, but, as i've blogged before, i get impatient while reading it)

clearly, this does not add up to 12. what other books should i dive into? suggestions are very welcome.


Holly Strand said...

I'm reading Forgotten God right now! LOVE IT! (I've only read the intro...haha)But he lays the foundation out so well as to how we have forgotten the Spirit because we haven't studied about Him. We have let our preconceived ideas about him, guide the text instead of the text guiding the way we think. Like I it! :) Can't wait to talk about it with you!

Carlee said...

I just started "Slave" by MacArthur. Have you read "Stepping Heavenward?" It reminds me of you.