Monday, January 17, 2011

2011: addendum #2

so they reality is, i suck at keeping goals. i set the bar too high and ultimately fail. so at this point in 2011, i'm adjusting my resolutions, not because i believe they were bad, just unrealistic in some ways. i think my thinking was wrong too. i thought that refraining from certain things would force me to spend time with Jesus and then, i would love Him more. to some extent, that's true. in joshua, i committed to not doing certain things, and i learned to love Jesus more and follow Him "more." but i'm not in that place. i don't have 60 people doing the same thing with me and keeping me accountable. and the reality is, if i refrain from certain things, i end up wasting time in other things. 

so yes, i hope to watch less tv and i hope to spend less time on fb this year, but more than all those things, i hope to fall in love with Jesus more. i want to be consumed by His love and love Him wholeheartedly.

i hope to spend more time fasting and praying, practicing spiritual disciplines too often approached with flippancy. i hope to read a book a month, in order to stimulate my heart and mind, remembering that intelligence is used for the glory of God. i hope to spend sweet time with the Lord in the seemingly mundane.

so there's that.

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