Wednesday, May 11, 2011

10 on 10

well, here's another look into the all too exciting life of me
*insert sarcasm here*

i'm not the biggest fan of breakfast food, but lately, 
i've been obsessed with frosted flakes.
the taste is delicious, the points fairly cheap, and the tiger's pretty awesome

i don't work until tonight, so i was able to spend 
some quality time with Jesus

i've loved hiking over the past few weeks. i'm basically obsessed with edgewood park in redwood city. today, i tried a couple of new trails. 
it was so fun!

(for the record, if a guy ever wants to propose to me, he really needs to consider doing it in that top frame. #gorgeous)

i decided to get some lunch and a ptl (passion tea lemonade). 
please note, the LIGHT ice ptl (shout out to mr. p-tuck).
yep, this is summer's lunch of champions.

well, i realized how disgusting my car was... i decided to take it here. good life choice fo sho!

i ended up back home and checked the mail (my personal favorite chore)
this was a pleasant surprise in the mail!
congrats, boots! how mightily the Lord will continue to use you for His glory!

i went into my room to see what needed to be done. let's just say the pile of nursing uniforms on the floor needed to be dealt with. laundry ttiiiiimmmmeee!
 yep, there's underwear in there.

after a so called nap, i decided to bite the bullet and get ready for work. my first night back i always the hardest. i just don't want to go. after an unnecessary amount a bit of pouting and complaining, it was time to head out the door.

God knew my wicked heart, yet still decided to remind me of His goodness multiple times on the way to work. first when i stepped out the door of my apt 
and anther time at ocean beach in sf.

this wasn't the end to my day (in fact it was just the start), but i hope you enjoyed the simple musings of this simple life.

1 comment:

{cuppakim} said...

um, looks like we have a similar 10 on 10 pic!! :)

i love getting a window into your crazy days - so different than mine, thanks for sharing!

PTL for PTL's. Well done P.T.

And dang girl, I love that you go get it on those hikes - INSPIRING :) <3