Saturday, May 14, 2011

whoa dang

i love my utmost for His highest by oswald chambers. every time i read it, i am convicted and see how much i need Jesus. today's reading was so familiar, more familiar than any re-read before. God is good. 

last year on this day, i was getting ready to embark on the longest hike of my life. i didn't know it, but i was going to hike 11.2 mi over 7 hours. honestly, it was one of the most stretching activities of my life. i had to lay down my pride and be in the back of the group; i had to see and live in the reality that God was/is my strength.

my favorite line is "If God puts you there (in a disagreeable place), He is amply sufficient."

HE is amply sufficient.

this year has been hard. i've experienced many new things and struggled through things unexpected. but God has been amply sufficient. in my utter weakness, in my utter rebellion in too many instances, He has remained amply sufficient.

Precious Father, thank you for this year of struggles and of joys. thank You that You are changing me into the glorious image of Jesus. please, continue to give me the grace to see You in every circumstance. please, give me the grace to stay focused on You and worship You alone. You are amply sufficient.

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