Wednesday, July 10, 2013

10 on 10: a midsummer's day

happy 10 on 10!
i love this day.
day shift 10 on 10's are hard
and not very interesting.
all the fun stuff can't be photographed 
because of this little thing called "hippa."
so rude.

anyway, hope you enjoy a glimpse into this crazy day!

early morning salad making

split pea soup fog-
in july

messy is a way of life

i took the last piece

day shift "c" crowd

hangin these signs suck

 mid shift pick me up

i don't think the fog lifted once today

commuter jams

best way to end a work day.

happy mid summer y'all!
ten on ten button



1 comment:

Shelley McGrew said...

Love the end of the day reward... looks like you deserve it. Great set.