Wednesday, July 17, 2013

three year friendversary

The summer of 2010 marked one of the 
best summers in my 27 year history. 
One of the factors influencing its greatness 
was meeting new friends. 
A couple of us like to celebrate when we met. 
Last year, we slept in a yurt and hiked in Yosemite. 
We weren't sure that this year's reunion would 
happen since one of us is living overseas. 
But we were so grateful that it happened!

Our rules:
1) spend time together
2) do something outdoorsy and adventurous
3) not shower 

Pretty simple, yea?
We met up and headed to Pescadero, 
a quaint coastal town between San Francisco and San Jose.
We explored the town a bit, 
but were sad that the goat farm was closed. 

We made our way to the campsite in memorial park. 
We dominated camp set up. 

To celebrate, we headed out on a short hike 
and took some time to explore. 
The redwood trees were amazing!

We spent time catching up,
eating s'mores, and scaring away raccoons.
maybe potentially being scared by them, too. 

it rained overnight, so we forwent the 
longer hike the next day.
we cleaned up camp, had some breakfast in half moon bay,
and spent the afternoon just kickin' it. 

all in all, an amazing time!
grateful for such amazing friends
and can't wait for more potential fun later this month!


*wanna-be rugged* cindy

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