Thursday, July 4, 2013

Post Vacation PinterTest Kitchen

welp, i just got back from vacation.
i know it's the fourth of july and all,
but i didn't have much interest in making something patriotic.

instead, i thought i'd go with something inspired by my time overseas.
in italy, i ate the best lasagna i have ever consumed.
so i decided to attempt true, italian lasagna.
but in order to do that, i'd have to make the sauce from scratch.

this homemade pasta sauce looked so promising,

but, guys, it wasn't good. 
stay away.
buy the jar stuff.
it's the most patriotic thing you could do.
this recipe earns itself a measly one blonde.

i was so disappointed, that i needed to try 
something that i knew would taste good.
so i went with bananas foster from 
the "all recipes dinner spinner" app.
(which, by the way, you need if you don't already have it.)
the picture doesn't do it justice.
i give it four and a half blondes
(deductions for being a little too sweet).

i hope you get a chance to try the easy bananas foster recipe.
if you have a good recipe for homemade pasta sauce, please enlighten me!

happy fourth!
be patriotic and link up with Jess:


*a still jet lagged* cindy


Lucy T said...

I like the dinner spinner app too! I couldn't seem to get into making anything patriot this year either.

{cuppakim} said...

I feel like a come from McDonald's was plenty patriotic, don't you?! The banana's foster was deeeeelish! And I agree, 4.5 blondes FOR SURE!!

Sarah said...

So disappointing on the sauce! I no longer make lasagna any way but in the crockpot. But mmmmm....Bananas Foster :)

Jessica Johnson said...

You are brave. Nothing beats Italian pasta. Well, except for Prego Traditional. JKAY. Where's the sangria?