Tuesday, May 27, 2014

dreams really do come true

at high school summer camp as an incoming freshman, 
i made a commitment to serve the Lord in a global context.
 i didn't know how or when, 
but i knew that was my purpose.

and then i ended up at CBU to pursue nursing, 
but i didn't really want to be there.
during second semester, 
God rocked my understanding of the gospel 
and what "missions" was all about. 
not only that, but i went overseas for the first time.

Rwanda 2006

as a newly proclaimed gloabl studies minor, 
i applied to go overseas with my school again the following year. 
a friend asked me where i wanted to serve. 
i said, "any where but india, really." 
if you don't think the Lord has a sense of humor, 
i'm here to prove that He does. 
that summer, i served in india for three weeks. 
God shook me and opened my eyes in a new way. 
i was broken and in love with this people. 

India 2008
 my heart was so drawn to india,
i went back for two months the following summer.
i knew even more deeply that i had to go back.

India 2009

and i now i get to.
the Lord has made it possible for me to serve Him 
amongst a broken and beautiful people of india.

guys, dreams really do come true 
when your dreams are lined up with God's plans.

i am humbled to have this opportunity.
i am overwhelmed looking back and seeing how God works.
i'm even more overwhelmed when i look forward 
and think how He will continue to work. 

details are still being worked out,
like when i'm going
and for how long. 
(so any coworkers reading this, please, 
mums the word for the time being.) 

 but the coming months will be a busy 
season of preparation and decision making.
i appreciate and thank you for your prayers,
especially for wisdom and a smooth transition.
  and don't worry, 
i'll be updating here with more info 
throughout this process.


*an overwhelmed* 


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{cuppakim} said...

is a HYFR inappropriate here?
(i mean freaking)

i am excited for you girl. i am REALLY excited.

prayinnnnnnnnnnnnng for you.