Friday, June 6, 2014


howdy y'all!
last time, i told y'all about my exciting move.
this time, i'd like to give you some more detail.

at the end of october, i'll be heading to north india. 
as of now, i'll be serving for about 10 months.
while there, i'll be functioning as a nurse 
and working with an amazing organization.

our shared goal: 
share Jesus by being His hands and feet 
to a broken and weary people.
they are all about sharing love and grace 
to the broken and hurting.
it's about living out the gospel amongst hopeless. 

guys, this is why i became a nurse.
to be a physical conduit of who Christ is and all that He's about. 
it's unreal that this life dream is becoming reality.
so many times i've lost hope that this dream would actually happen.
but through the years, God has been prepping me for this moment
and i am abundantly grateful that He is faithful.

there is a lot to get done before i go:
moving, visa getting, insurance buying,
and the list goes on.
i also need to raise some funds.
i don't have the final numbers quite yet, 
but would be so grateful if you would start thinking 
and praying about giving.

and i will need some serious prayer support.
i know i will face challenges daily, 
but i also know that the Lord answers prayers.
so please consider being a part of my prayer team.

i'd like to extend a huge thank you for all of the 
love and support i've already received!
i have been overwhelmed with the amount of texts, calls, and hugs.
my words of affirmation tank is overflowing!
thank you for already joining me on this crazy journey
and for continuing to walk with me.



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