Monday, May 19, 2008

prince caspian=heresy?

Well, not the book. i just saw the movie and was EXTREMELY disappointed! for an entertaining movie, it's good, but for a movie "based on the book by c.s. lewis," it was disgusting. they jumble the book around, draw out the battles, and destroy the motives of characters. while there were some great one-liners from edmund and a surprise at the end from susan, it did not out way the sadness of the distorted beginning. c.s. lewis has got to be one of the best writers of the twentieth century, yet the film makers still insist that they can do a better job than his genius. UGH! so frustrating! i would love to challenge THEM to a dual, such as that in prince caspian. i would represent the traditional and they the progressive, and just as in the book, i would come out victorious, just as old narnia did. ok, i get carried away, but i hope you can weed through this, (as you hopefully often do), to seek the crux of my frustration. i hope their ways will change for the next film, (to destroy two in a row would be a shame).

alright, stepping down from the soap box.


Jillian McLaughlin said...

i loved prince caspian. i thought it was so good. i havent read the book, but i still thought it was so good!

deanna said...

You never seize to amaze me! That's why we were brilliant as roommates!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it until the ending. I was like "what the heck!?" I did not see the need for a pop song and a kissing scene at the end. It just did not fit!!!