Tuesday, May 13, 2008


i've decided i like random blogs. maybe that's misleading. not so much random information, (although i do enjoy those), just a bunch of random stuff. so, here it goes.

-i went to visit my grandma and aunt this weekend. it was nice. it was a real vacation. i read a book for the first time in a long time. (ok, it was just prince caspian in anticipation of its upcoming theatrical release, however, an accomplishment nonetheless). i look forward to reading more, especially on my 20hr plane ride.

-i've only been home for seven days and already my dad is driving me crazy. not so much in the sense of us fighting, but in the sense of "where is the logic in that?" and "can you please explain why slamming down the already broken phone is helpful and solving the problem?" i just don't understand his way of thinking. maybe i don't try hard enough to understand.

-i started work yesterday. nothing has changed. still unorganized and lots of miscommunication. oh well. just two weeks.

-i just, i mean just found out India was bombed. please pray for recovery and the field workers there. for more info, please go here.

everything i was going to write about seems so fickle now. i guess it always has been, but even more so now. there is one thing that i wanted to write about that was so incredible. i was nervous about raising support for my trip; it's all in. all of the cash is in. my church family is incredible. even more so, God is faithful to have provided.

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