Sunday, May 18, 2008


i went to church at home today. it was great to be surrounded by another family that i cherish. in sunday school dave spoke in typical fashion, (which is always refreshing). we talked about how we as christian can get wrapped up in the the things of the world that we are consumed by them. or even, we have always been consumed by them, finding worth in them rather than in Christ. how convicted i was/am by this. how do i spend my time? where do i spend time thinking? how do my conversations reflect Christ? do they? i've heard sermons like this so often, but man, i hope that conviction lies deep this time. i pray that transformational change will take place. i don't want to be a cultural or moral christian. i don't want to defame the name of Christ.

by the way, i leave in, ummm five, six days. i know, stinkin AMAZING! it is incredible that God has allowed the logistics to come together so that i may serve Him in this place. i am still in awe of His work and of the fact that I AM GOING TO SOUTH ASIA!!!! overwhelmed? to say the least.

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