Friday, January 23, 2009

friends forever!

my youth group has a facebook page that i haven't joined because it consists mostly of people from the '80s and '90s. i randomly started looking through the photos, recognizing some of the people from when i was a kidlet running around the church longing to be one of them. now that i find myself in this age group, i see so many of my friends getting married and some moving away. i get scared that we will loose touch or only talk through facebook aka the lamest form of communication ever. as i kept looking through those pictures from the eighties, i started to see those familiar faces, people that i still see at church today, but they were with people that they are still friends with. i'm truly comforted by this, but i am not in some fantasyland either. i recognize that God has plans for me and for my friends so that we may HIS name, whether that leaves us in San Mateo, CA or takes us to San Mateo, Rizal. i'm thankful that God reminds me of these things and of the unity i have with people because of His Son.

on another note, i saw slumdog millionare last night with rachel, who graciously saw it a second time with me. this has got to be one of the best movies i've seen in years! i know i have a totaly bias, but really, it has such an accurate portrayal of a country that leaves its people no way out except corruption. i wish i could explain the wonder of this movie even more, but just go and then we can talk about it over some chai. rachel told me that the kids in the movie are actually from the slums. the money they get for the movie will be kept in a trust so that they can use it when they can be responsible for it. also, the children's education is being paid for and there is assurance that they will go to school (escorts?). anyway, it's pretty awesome. if you want to see it, i would happily go see it with you!

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Anonymous said...

cindz, i had wanted to see this, but was inspired by your blog last week, so on saturday i went and saw it. i thought it was pretty good. REALLY intense. i can only imagine how it made you feel. i am curious to hear more of your take on it.