Monday, January 19, 2009


i think i started saying this when i was in joshua.

i hated calling time with God "quiet time." what if i don't want to be quiet? i think the people who came up with this were advocates of taking psalm 46:10 out of context. devotional? what does that mean anyway? "i'm going to devote this time to the Lord?" nah, too cheese ball.

so i went with "tawg"-time alone with God. that's the essence of the thing right? i need to take time out of my day to spend time alone with God to listen, to learn, to be renewed.


i was searching for a alternative chapel application, much to my dismay. as i scrolled up, i saw these random letters. i totally did a double take. it read "TAWG book.pdf" WHAT!? i'm glad to share the term. well, helpfully not arrogant enough to think i'm the only one who uses it, but i was SHOCKED! who posted that? does this person share my disdain for the other christian-eeze words and thus, adopted another???

anyway, if you have insite into this current mystery, please pass it along!

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Justine said...

There is a discipleship group that Brian Z. started this semester, and it is the "tool" that we are using for our "quiet time" hehe, sorry had to use it.
This is my insight :)

OH - and one more thing:
You know how when you post a comment you have to "type the characters you seen in the picture above"...
well ..
the letters on my screen right now spell "ratchai"

That's all.