Tuesday, April 7, 2009

never forget

it's been fifteen years since the genocide in rwanda as of today. read about it here. after many atrocious events we have proclaim "never forget," but can we honestly say that we have held true to this statement? today, a genocide sweeps over the nation of sudan, but not much is being done to stop it. sadly in twenty years, when that horrid war is over, we will look back and say, "remember the genocide in sundan? we will never forget it." but we probably will have forgotten-at least we would have forgotten its devastating effects on the people of its land.

join me in lifting up rwanda today, and throughout the next 100 days, as they continue the healing and restoration of families and as a nation. also, pray that the sudanese genocide would come to a hasty and long-lasting end.

note: the following images are not meant to bring effect to the previous text. it is rather meant to break you as i pray that it will continue to break me.

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