Friday, April 24, 2009

THIS is what it means

a week ago, the ISP folks got together to perform skits and watch short films that we had done in order to raise money and educate our family and friends about our trips overseas this summer. this event is called "night of nations" (for my non-cbu readers, few though you may be). skits range from extremely funny to quite serious. the rwanda nursing teams, (the teams i get to be a part of), decided to take a serious spin on things and performed an "interpretive dance" with this song and video playing beind us. i am still quite proud of my team for taking this task seriously and for allowing the Holy Spirit to work through them so mightily. i praise God for the opportunity to dive into the pain and triumph of the people, specifically the women, of rwanda who survived the genocide and now seek healing.

here is a snippit of what we did:

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