Sunday, April 12, 2009

the past year

i think this Easter has been more of a time of reflection for me than New Year's. it was a year ago that i was coming out of this crazy weight of a new understanding of the Lord. it was a year ago that i did not know if repentance had been the form in which i came to Christ. it was a year ago that i began to relinquish my traditions for Christ Himself, a battle i still fight.

this Easter, i have been able to celebrate the death and resurrection of my Lord with much more understanding, but moreover, with more freedom. i think that's just it-i celebrated! i am no longer simply saved from my sin in which i still felt oppressed at times, but i feel a greater freedom. i am no longer under the suffering of the wrath of the Almighty. i am in union with Him through the blood of Christ! i wish i could communicate how much this year seems different. it's not a magical move from novice understanding to expert understanding-especially since one can never be an expert on the Gospel except the one who brings it-but it is a baby step forward.

i once heard someone say "plum deeper and apply wider" in reference to God. i've heard the "Easter" story countless times and never would i have anticipated the understanding and love of this story to grow so much deeper. oh, to be brought near by the blood of Christ! how precious!

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