Wednesday, February 3, 2010

road rage

i'm pretty sure i've figured out why people are so angry so often:

i almost feel like a grown up. i mean, i work eight hours a day, four days a week and go to school another day. i have to balance work, school, isp, homework, church and its related activities, friends, etc. the only thing that doesn't make me a real-live adult-->no pay check.

during my grown up days at the hospital, i spend a minimum of 20 minutes commuting to a location that should only be 10 minutes away. some days, it takes me 30 minutes. i get really angry during these episodes of congestion. i mean, where do the cars come from? one minute me and the other four cars on the 91 are chuggin' along at a hefty 70mph, and the next, we can't even go 5mph. i just don't understand!

the worst was today when there were multiple lanes merging onto the freeway and people trying to get off the freeway to avoid the traffic. i don't know what made me so upset, but i was.

but isn't that it?! traffic. traffic makes people so angry! if we had to commute less in life, then we would be happier people.

or maybe if we all knew Jesus and treated each other like we valued of these.

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Kimberlee Hartwig said...

You sound just like me last semester! lol. You and Kristen are living my life a few months ago, and it's so funny to hear my thoughts and feelings then coming out of your mouths now! Look at it this way, at least I'M getting some enjoyment out of your suffering ;)