Monday, February 1, 2010

i feel....wicked!

well, i'm back after a month off and i thought i'd try a new font. thoughts? this month, the amigas and i are not watching tv, so expect lots o' blogs. i still have 307 blog posts to read from the past month, so i apologize for the late comments in advance.

i turned 24 about a month ago. i lost my insurance today. wicked. for my birthday, my mom, sister, and i went to see "wicked" in SF and it was SO awesome! we had great seats and i loved it more this time because...well, i don't really know why. i'm just weird. but i love the line when alfaba's with fiaro and she says, "for the first time, i feel...WICKED!" that's the theme of this blog because this month has been filled with wicked things:

my nursing class found out that our pinning ceremony was moved to a wed and our graduation is on saturday. to protest and advocate, we wrote letters. apparently, we did this incorrectly and got quite a lashing today. i was one of the main proponents of the letter writing. actually, i wrote the letters. yep, feelin pretty wicked.

it's isp season again and it's almost time to begin the annual isp nursing flower sale. well, i kinda went ahead and ordered flowers without consulting any one. no team leaders, no past leaders, just did it. again, feelin wicked.

my friend and i handed some food out to the homeless a few weeks ago. this act is illegal in riverside. we also j-walked multiple times. just call me a law-breaker-or wicked.

i went to look at laptops with the intention of buying one. as i was making my final decision, i called my dad who, of course, shot me down. this is an almost wicked occurrence.

i got back to riverside after christmas break, had class one day, and then didn't have class again for thirteen days. one of those days, i sat in the same chair almost ALL day. i don't know if that qualifies as wicked, stupid, or sluggard.

i think that's about it for wicked things. i mean, i do plenty of things that actually fall into the category of biblical wickedness daily, but i don't think you want me to flush those things out now. i'm sure i'll think of other things to update you on.


Jillian said...

i really liked this post and it's wickedness. i'm sorry you lost your insurance. and i love you. let's hang out again.

Kimberlee Hartwig said...

This definitely lived up to my expectations of it :) you did forget one illegal act of ours though...parking on a red curb.