Saturday, December 26, 2009


i saw invictus today and it was really good! i was missing africa, especially the kids, within the first five minutes of the movie. my sister, who's been to south africa, said it's fairly accurate to the attitudes of the countrymen, but still unrealistic in many ways.

but i was paying a lot of attention to matt damon's role. at first, all i cared about was how good he looked in a rugby uniform, because, please believe, he looks real good in a rugby uniform. but my mind kept going back and forth between my experiences in rwanda and matt damon's character. see, he plays the team captain that, of course, plays a crucial part in uniting the team and helping them see what a big role they will play in uniting the country. his teammates called him "capi," (get it? short for captain?). he had this important intermediary role of mediating between team and coach, springbok organization and president mandela.


it all made sense! so often i had had the picture in my head that i should be the tendon while being a student leader of an isp team, connecting two separate entities, muscle and bone. but this never made sense to me practically. the idea of a team captain, though-oh my-what sense that makes! i look forward to this new phase of research as i dive into what a team captain's role is and how to practically carry that out, how to mediate between coach and team, but still be play on the team.

i'm excited because i'm on a high from a movie. i'm nervous because i've always sucked at sports-why should this be any different?

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