Friday, December 18, 2009


i left my computer in IT over break in hopes that they could fix the wireless, which probably won't happen. so i'm using my sister's computer over break.

i was trying to find a potential family photo to use for a christmas card, (that's right folks, we STILL haven't done one yet), and i happened upon some amazing pics. here are a few of my favs:

my seester and i drinkin date shakes, something we did as kids

my roommate from last year and probably the best ra ever

my cousin and one of my aunts in redding

my gammy and i at my "uncle's" memorial

my seester and i at joshua tree

ok, the best are yet to come....

my seester and dad choppin down the tree last year

me and the momma at the tree farm last year (she cracks me up!)

my uncle "jack" as he likes to me known as (as in jack ass)

and truly the best photo EVER!

my dad. i literally laughed out loud.

anyway, these are the narrowed down bunch. i hope the brighten your day!

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