Wednesday, December 9, 2009


december marks the remembrance of many important dates. below are a few. for more, go here.

12/1-world AIDs day
12/7-Pearl Harbor Remembrance day
12/21-winter solstace
12/25-celebration of the birth of the Christ
12/31-new years eve

most importantly is of course the commemoration of the birth of Christ. without this birth, there would be no reconciliation, no grace, no forgiveness. truly, this is a miracle of monstrous proportions.

because of this amazing, unmatchable gift, i have the privelege of going overseas this summer with isp. i'll be headed to south asia with an amazing team! oh Lord, how you continue to bless me despite my doubts and fears! i cannot fathom your greatness!!!

i cannot believe that this time has come again. i am excited and scared to be leading this team of amazing people in even a small way.

i'm sure so many more blogs about this experience will come.

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