Friday, December 4, 2009

may 2010

this may, i'll be going out of the country again. God is allowing me to go somewhere i have never been before and i'm super excited! it just hit me how intense this experience be. and i'm so excited!!! i've loved my past experiences overseas. my teams have challenged me, the cultures have rocked me, and the Lord has broken me.

this year, i will be physically challenged like never before. i will have to face some things i haven't wanted to face in a group of people, basically ever. i'm student leading and feel so honored to be doing so. i want to pee my pants, though. i'm going to have to set aside my ideals of a high power distance and discuss things with my faculty co-leaders. ahh!! i will have to set aside my pride like never before and serve with humility and selflessness in a new way.

i don't know what's in store for me or my team this semester, but i'm so looking forward to God moving mighily through us! i can't wait to kick some hiking butt!!!

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