Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 on 10: Margarita Madness edition

welcome to this special edition of 10 on 10.

(thanks for the reminder, kim!)

i love working weekends for three reasons:
-less work
-more pay
-no commute traffic

i mean, do you see that? i could actual drive 
the appropriate speed limit for 280
(which is over 70, of course).

the trees outside our complex are starting to resemble fall.
not sure i'm ready for that.

when i got home, i wanted something special.
what could be more special than hot 
chocolate in a mug all the way from the UK?

after falling asleep on the couch for who knows how long,
i decided to go to my bed.
my special place.

once i got up, i had the chance to check out a new package.
another waffle maker for another happy couple!

my dad is winning an award next week and i have the privileged 
of watching him receive it.
but a fancy award requires fancy attire.
well, this is the best he's gonna get.

i had asked my roommates if they wanted to 
go out tonight for some din din.
you see, we live less than half a mile from the 
best mexican resturant in town.
ellen and i walked and met jamie there.
that meant it was chaco time.

we enjoy ourselves thoroughly.

 this good time called for some coffee
and we pulled out the big guns:

i got to drive my roommies car.
 super small and super fun.

my sister had bought a new book,
a children's book of course.
jamie enjoyed it
and it made for some good post-dinner fun.

sadly, this day was not without casualties.
i burned myself on my dinner plate.
yea, even after icing it at dinner, it's still gonna leave a mark.

welp, there it is.
margarita madness.
i guess it was a little more mad in person.
happy september!


{cuppakim} said...

what?!! This day looks so super fun. I think it's my favorite of your 10 on 10's ever!

Margaritas, Pioneer Woman, CUTE Mugs from London.

My bed is my special place too.

Yours looks so cozy! :)

Fab day cinders!

Kimberlee said...

Ummm I'm ready for fall!!! that picture is GORGEOUS!!! in another year I'll get to see fall colors...hmm :)

Annika said...

Hey, and there it is in use! Love!

The dress you are going to be wearing to the award ceremony looks really pretty!