Sunday, September 11, 2011


as i've blogged before, my friend had a mug swap.
and i was anticipating the arrival of my mug.
 one day, i got home and found this on the counter.


i was excited to get this much-awaited package.
but then i saw the stamp.
from the U.K.?!?!

 i eagerly opened the package

 and this amazing mug was in there

 um, is this not brilliant?

 annika even included some delicious british goodies.

this really neat postcard was in there too.

welp, here she is in her new home

thanks again, annika, for the amazing mug and wonderful pairings!


{cuppakim} said...

oh heyyy-eyyy! :) I LOVE this post. and the mug you got is SO cute.

i definitely love it.

i think i should make it a goal to use everybody's swap mugs when i visit their houses...what do you think? :)

Cinders said...

touch my mug and die.

Annika said...

Ah, the mug looks right at home in your cupboard! :o) And it looks like I can count myself lucky the address label didn't come off before the parcel reached you... Great post, I loved seeing where everything ended up and am glad you liked it!

Anonymous said...

I love your mug! I love my mug! I need to blog about my mug too! I think we should have a Bay Area mug swap tea party!