Monday, September 26, 2011

Update One

good morning!

yes, it's tuesday morning here in southeast asia
and i still can't believe i'm here!

(side note: i'm typing on a pc and my fingers are confused. out of sheer laziness, there may be lots of typos. #getoverit)

truly, it has been a blessing to live life again with one of my dearest friends
and to see how God is using her and changing her more into the likeness of His Son!

so here's a brief update about what's been going on:

i got here friday night, just in time to see the sunset.
it was a beautiful end to a long time traveling solo.
i describe those momemnts as grateful and overwhelmed.

saturday was a chill day.
we slept in a bit, spent some time w/Jesus,
and then went exploring.
pancakes w/cheese, monkey garden w/no monkeys, green, the ocean, meeting people, and a "cream bath." basically, let's just call it amazing.

sunday came 
and i successfully road a motorcycle for longer than 3 minutes!
(yes, as the passanger)
church was humbling, moving, and thoroughly refreshing. 
(more stories on this to come)
then more motorcyle, tasty food, and crashing a mexican fiesta for someone's birthday.

monday we went to a (insert word here that i don't remember).
it's kind of like a slum, but not? 
my friend said that one of the areas was like section 8 housing.
(sorry for the lame explanation)
my friend and new friend read books and sang songs with kids, 
shared w/broken people about Jesus, and shared the joy of Christ.
(more stories from here to come).
ultimately, it has been an eye  opening experience,
reminding me of the lost and God's desire 
to have His name known and worshiped among all peoples.

please continue to pray for the lost here.
they are abundant.

please pray for the workers here, both foreign and national.
their work is abundant.

"Give thanks to the LORD,
call upon his name,
make known his deeds among the peoples,
proclaim that his name is exalted."
Isaiah 12:4


Jamie said...

Cindy! It sounds like a really wonderful trip so far :) Can't wait to hear more and have some awesome conversations when you get home!

Jillian, Riverside said...

Super excited to hear these "stories coming soon"!!!

{cuppakim} said...

loving the detailed update.

love that you went to a mexican fiesta in SEA.

miss you.
come home now.
let's make crappy coffee and cut up bagels together.