Thursday, September 29, 2011

update two

welp, i've been here a week and it's way hard to believe. i know i'm honeymooning right now, but i can't wait to live in a place like this! yes, life has its difficulties, including prolonged periods of felt darkness, but life here is so simply on so many other levels. 

i went with my friend to her language teacher's house. well, my friend has picked up the language so well, she doesn't have lessons any more, but she takes time to study scriptures with her old language teacher. it was an interesting time. we also went to the post office and the tofu lady. that afternoon, i joined her for two of her english classes which are discussion based. all in all, an interesting day.

we went to visit some other bules (slang for multiple white-ies) and p-walked the university campus that they work on. then we went to another, bigger university and p-walked there. although much joy came from such prayer, the warfare we engaged during those minutes was felt. (more stories to come) we had lunch with one of her former students and went grocery shopping afterward. yes, i saw a whole dragon fruit in real life. #bejealous. well, after some time shopping, what better thing to do then get boba? nothing really, so we got some boba and headed home. that evening was pr@yer night. we watched a sermon about the biggness and personal-ness of Father, ate satay, and prayed for each other and the nations. truly, a time i will never forget. (more stories to come)

today, i donned my scrubs and we headed to a hospital run by national believers. i was happy to hear that it was known as the nicest hospital in this city. needless to say, i was on cloud nine the entire time i was there. pretty sure they'd hire me in the icu. #yesplease i felt bad for my friend who had translate for five hours and in medical terms. (more stories to come) we came home exhausted and excited (me more excited then she) and just rested for some time. tonight, we'll skype with some other friends and watch Ellen. basically, cannot wait for a chance to laugh that much.

even more, i plead that you pray for Father to continue to move in this people, for endurance and rest for the few workers who are cultivating an abundant harvest, and for national believers to be set on fire for the gospel.

side note:  i played this song while typing and as the call the prayer rang out around me. #encouraged #humbled

never once did we ever walk alone
never once did you leave us on our own
you are faithful
God you are faithful


{cuppakim} said...

so encouraged by this post this morning.

totally praying for you and the other K, that you would be used mightily.


slowandsteadywins said...

k, i'm putting my mixed feelings aout blogging in general aside. because i love you. and because i do love that i can read about your life with k on the other side of world. have been praying for you guys, and will certainly keep doing so. soooo happy that you get some quality time there! cannot WAIT for all these "more stories to come"