Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 on 10: the last vampire edition

welcome to the final night-nurse 
edition of ten on ten!

gonna miss workin' with these fools

oatmeal banana muffins.
come back next month for the pintertest recap.

 baseball season lunch bag
 reheating violation

 hella fast heart rate

check up for goldie locks

 breakfast of champions

wake up juke
during fatherly advice

car wash rainbow

attempting to tame the unquenchable sweet tooth

hope you enjoyed this gorgeous day!
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{cuppakim} said...

girrrrrrrl. you just brought 10 on 10 to a whole nother level.

that night nurse pic: you girls are beauteous.

carwash rainbow!? WHAT!

and the baseball lunch bag? cutest. :)

best 10 on 10 yet, white woman.

Jessica Johnson said...

WAKE UP JUKE. I'm dead. I'm a little sad you won't be a vampire anymore because I do love your stories. But not sad you won't be leaving early on Sunday nights. Win WIN. Like that Giants bag. Goodnight.

hannah singer said...

big fan of the wake up juke.
i need to be on the lookout for a carwash rainbow!
and the sweet tooth attempt. same story over here :)

mmcgre01 said...

I always love your posts - insightful, authentic, fun!

miss macri said...

Love the set! No more night nurse sets?!? Love getting to see a glimpse of these days!

Ellen said...

What a fun day Cind!
The wake up Juke is killing me...
the yummy muffins need to happen again STAT!
So long night nurse!!