Monday, April 8, 2013

it still hurts

when you loose someone special in your life,
it takes a while for the hurt to go away.
tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my grandmother passing
and i'm not sure the hurt is ever going to go away.

despite missin' her somethin' fierce, 
i find immense joy in the fact that 
she is with her Savior in heaven.

today i went through some photos with my mom.
it was sweet to remember my grandma and 
how many different hats she wore.

a daughter, sister, and cousin

a friend

a mother

 a hard worker

 a beauty

 a family woman


 babysitter extraordinaire


more than any of these things, 
i remember my grandmother's love for Jesus.
every chance she got, she would share about Him.
she didn't care if you had the same faith or not,
if you were eight or eighty,
or if you spoke her language.

 her bible was littered with markings
from years of studying

as painful as not having her cheerful laugh
and convicting spirit on earth,
i can't wait to be reunited with her one day
as we worship God together for all eternity.

Eleanor Dorothea Jacobs
September 1, 1916-April 9, 2012

1 comment:

{cuppakim} said...

your grandma sure was awesome.
especially on those rollerskates.

but what i remember about her most TRULY was her love for Jesus. pretty awesome if you think about it.

and her legacy and love of the Lord really does live on in the lives of her children and grandchildren.

she did something very, very, right.
(well, God used her to do something very, very right).

remembering and hurting with you today, tomorrow, and this week. :)

love you friend.