Thursday, April 4, 2013

PinterTest Kitchen: things just got complicated

okay y'all.

i've got two recipes comin atcha this week.
one easy, one not so easy.

number one: 
crock pot oatmeal

pretty simple.
throw everything in a crock pot
and cook overnight.
the taste was good, but the texture wasn't my fave.
i think more water would probably solve that problem.
i'd give it three and a half blondes.
(sarah and vinnie....anyone? anyone?!)

number two:
carrot cake supreme


here comes the complicated part of this post.
i needed to make carrot cake for easter dinner with the fam.
i cast a wide net for recipes and ended up combining a few.
i used the cake and glaze recipes from above. 
SUCH a win! 
the cake-moist.
the glaze-heavenly.
but the frosting. 
the frosting can make or break a good cake.
so i went with a lemon cream cheese frosting 
and i'm SO glad i did. 
another win!

just a warning, it makes quite a bit of frosting,
but sooooo worth it!
i give this recipe an enthusiastic four and a half blondes.

hope you enjoyed this edition of pintertest kitchen.
can't wait to read what you all have done!
linking up with jessica and you should too!




Becky said...

Oh, wow! That carrot cake looks great!

Jessica Johnson said...

I don't understand what you are talking about with the blondes. I'm feeling pop culture irrelevant. But I want that cake. And all the extra frosting. Thanks for linking up, CS Lewis. ;)

JuRita said...

going to pin that cake. yum. glad to see someone try the oatmeal. i have been wondering how it would turn out. the recipe i have uses steal cut oats and of course i don't have any!
have a great weekend. read you via the link up!
God bless!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

That carrot cake & frosting looks YUM!!!! And, I got the Sarah & Vinnie reference! I live in the Bay Area also :)

{cuppakim} said...

your oatmeal was great. i'd curl up with it on a rainy day.

also, make me that cake.
thank you.

Ellen said...

Both were yummy...
The frosting on the cake was divine!!