Saturday, September 7, 2013

when friends come to town

last week, some of my very favorite people came to visit.
they drove the rough seven hours from riverside to san mateo.
on labor day weekend.
with the bay bridge being closed.
that's friendship proven if i ever saw it.

good lookin' group a gals, huh?
we chatted and hung out sunday afternoon,
then headed to a couple of my favorite spots downtown san mateo.

the next morning, we were up early and off to sonoma!

  and what a beautiful day!

i had bought a groupon for a guided wine 
tasting tour through sonoma square.
we enjoyed looking at sites, meeting new people,
 and some yummy wines.

jennifer gave me a bad time for not blogging much lately,
so i started snapping photos of her.
sass is her middle name.

we then headed back to san francisco.
we purchased tickets for an alcatraz tour.
usually, we would have had plenty of time to get from sonoma to the embarcadero.
BUT the bay bridge was closed and there was more traffic on the roads.
i was nervous we wouldn't make it,
but God is good and we made it in plenty of time,
enjoying some great views along the way.

we made it to pier 33 and boarded to ferry to alcatraz.
the sky was beautiful and the weather was perfect!

and then we got to the rock.

we did the audio tour and it was amazing.
i went to the rock in school when i was a kid,
but all i remember is getting sea bay sick
and being completely freaked out.
the tour was well done and it was neat to see this
part of american history with new eyes.

laura was our resident historian on the tour.
you can tell she was in her element.

if you didn't believe me before about the gorgeous day, maybe you will now. 

since we were playing tourists,
i went ahead and bought the professional picture.
tens all around!

on tuesday, we went to a local coffee shop.
i didn't snap any photos, but it was a good time.
almond croissant, i love you.

all in all, a fabulous time spent with friends!
thanks again for coming to visit me;
love you ladies!




Kimberlee said...

makes me smile :) and miss you girls!

Rebecca said...

Yay! Love to you all! And Kimberlee, too!

Rebecca said...
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{cuppakim} said...

1. Sonoma wins
2. Gorrrrrgeous pics
3. Looks like the sky was extra cooperative.
4. I love the rock.
5. Sooooo glad you did the audio tour, isn't it fun!?!