Tuesday, September 3, 2013

mug swap 2013: let's sum up

my friend kim hosts a mug swap every year.
give a mug, get a mug.
pure and simple awesomeness.

being friends with the mug swap host has its perks.
like getting to send my mug to india.


those that know me know that i have a serious obsession with india.
i've been twice and yearn for the opportunity to go back.
sending a mug there was quite exciting, to say the least.

i knew it had to be special.
vineetha, my mug swap buddy, is an architect. 
i had this very special guadi inspired mug in mind,
and boy am i glad i sent it!
some other goodies needed to accompany this unique mug,
especially some of san francisco's own chocolate.

i sent the mug via USPS and loved that 
an indian woman processed the order.
when she saw i was shipping to india, we started talking a bit.
i love stuff like that.

while my mug was on it's way to the land of bollywood and spices,
i not so patientlywaited for my mug.

and then it came.
a pretty green box.
and then i took a closer look.

my mug swap buddy was from SPAIN!
guys, i didn't need a mug,
the package from spain was sufficient enough.

but then i thought, ehhh, i guess i'll open it.

i'm sure glad i did! 
coffee, post card, and a super adorable giraffe mug.
and did you notice the super cute mug wrapping paper?

judith, thank you so much!
vineetha, i hope you enjoy!
and kim, you have outdone yourself again.

until next year, y'all.
Mug Swap!


*muggin* cindy


{cuppakim} said...

omg. so much here.
first off i read this whole thing and picked up on zero movie references.
because i'm terrible at movie references.

i LOOOVE that you sent a taste of SF to india.
i also love that gaudi mug. seriously sooo unique!

and the coincidence of meeting the indian lady while shipping to india?!? more than coincidence. awesome.

also. giraffe mug is recordbreakinglyadorable.

thanks for being such a fan and supporter of the swap :)

Kelly said...

Wow. International. Way cool. I love the one you sent and the one you received. Mug swappin' is where it's at.