Friday, April 4, 2008

life update

"randomly" the other i decided to apply to go to south asia this summer. i did and am waiting to hear back from the imb. i would SO covet your prayers as i await to hear from them and am challenged with telling my parents about this decision, (yes, i know. i'm in a deep hole.)

God has given me so much and enabled me with so much. how dare i sit back and boast about another summer that may never come. the harvest is plentiful NOW and the workers are needed NOW, so, i go NOW. i don't want this place and the gospel just to be another idea and philosophy that i theorize about all day. as the modern day philosophers dc talk said "love is verb." i must act on the love that Christ has first shown me and that i so desire to pour out in return and obedience.

hopefully, updates soon...


Holly Strand said...

of course I will be praying cinderito:) I love the reference to dctalk as being modern day philosophers:) lol You make me smile.

Wobbly Librarian said...

I'll pray, too. Yes, we need workers.
Your mom will support you (when the shock wears off :) )