Tuesday, April 8, 2008


i have an obsession with this movie. worldly to its core, a movie reflecting on new york in the late 1980s. the music is amazing, but this isn't why i love it. let me unfold it for you.

-mark, the nerdy, white, straight man in the movie is my favorite character. i love him dancing and getting upset during most of the movie. i love his geeky mannerism and such. i wish i was him. at, he reminds me of me...? at least a cooler me.

-there's a song that is song during a life support group. the lyrics include "There's only us; There's only this; Forget regret or life is yours to miss; No other road, No other way, No day but today." oh how sad. the focus is on something so different Christ and it breaks my heart!

-the music is wonderful. what talent to write the show and then to perform it. how sad, once again, that the people writing and performing do not know Jesus and the talent giving to them from God (that they don't even know is from Him) is going to something else. it is not being used to fully glorify Him. okay, i know i don't fully glorify God in every moment, but i hope i can learn to change.

this movie is a picture of lostness. this is my obsession. i hope that people will clearly see what a life not founded in Christ will lead to. forgive me for the harshness, but please understand that i mean it in so much love and with so much heavy-heartedness for people living in darkness. hopefully this will open your eyes to view movies differently.

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