Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a must read

my friend Justine posted this on her blog and i felt inclined to share it. the site is called hall of shame and it informs its readers of the companies that stilll insist on using sweat shop labor.

i wasn't going to post anything, being hard-hearted, but then i saw India. Gap Kids makes its close in New Delhi in sweatshop forcing its workers to work 16-hour days. i don't understand. americans would surely not allow people in america to be treated like the people in sweat shops are treated in other countries, so why do we stand for it? is it an act of racism? i don't think i can blame it on ignorance; we all know sweat shops exist. maybe it's another example of how morality is being pushed down, pushed down for something seemingly greater right? our selves.

don't misunderstand. i too have bought from these stores, but oh, why do i go back? is it really worth saving the two dollars on that shirt and in my rich american wallet or is it far better to be informed and seek out the things of God, even when i shop?

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