Saturday, April 26, 2008

overwhelmed defines this word as
  1. To surge over and submerge; engul.
  2. To present with an excessive amount
yes, yes. this word has described my year.

  • i have been overwhelmed with school. multiple books, lots of tests, lots of skills, lots of drama. many times i have had to stop and cry because there was just too much to do.
  • i have been overwhelmed with friend-ishness. I had some friend issues which did get resolved-PTL. moreover, my friends blow my mind every day with their love and grace. i started reading "what's so amazing about grace?" this semester, and it opened my eyes to see the "small" graces that happen everyday, (i know, sad days it wasn't the Bible that did that).
  • i struggled with God and it has been very overwhelming.
  • i have been overwhelmed by my residents. i set such high goals and while don't always communicate these to my residents, they forgive me when i don't go to their concerts or bridal showers. i have learned so much from them. thanks girls. your love has meant SO much this year.
  • these last few weeks South Asia has added to the heap because now i have to be responsible for my own trip. i also realized how unintentional with God i was being up to that point, so uh, yeah. i know high school leaders and youth pastors would always say "if you have to make time for God that's a bad sign," but i feel the opposite way. I feel that if we purposely schedule time with God, like anything person, then we will be more intentional. i mean, we have to be open to the idea that God is God and He can bust in and meet us in another time, but common. (maybe i should have written a separate blog...)
ultimately, each of these things has been such a reflection of the glorious grace of the Father. seriously....i went to write i sentence, but too overwhelmed was i to even write anything. yes, i am tired, (sick and tired), of school and tired of having "ra" plastered behind my name, but oh how great God has been this year to give me the privilege to learn and to invest small moments in wonderful women of God. How great God will continue to be as we go out from here and we get involved in His work among the nations.

AHHH! overwhelmed! get it!?

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