Friday, April 11, 2008

random moments

today has been full of 'em.

  • i was walking from the cottages to manda's and the flowers smelt of marigold. so basically of india.
  • i picked my car up from the shop today and after telling the mechanic that i take good care of my car, i proceed to drive over the curb.
  • i was sitting on my porch just chillin' and johnny walked up. my first thought: "oh no! we're gonna be even!" cindy, you haven't had to worry about being for three years now, calm yourself.
  • i told a random girl coming to look at the cottage that i liked her shirt. it was cute
that's all. it was surprisingly more random than usual.

1 comment:

Justin Blomgren said...

That girl will probably come to CBU...all because of that comment. You just changed that girls life. way to go