Friday, November 14, 2008


i know most of the people that read this blog (or attempt to do so) went to chapel on wednesday, but i have to blog about it.

here's the video.

i was skeptical, like most, when i walked through the gym doors and heard "o come all ye faithful" being sung and saw the worship leaders wearing reindeer antlers. however, when brian spoke, i was really convicted. i am not eager to give of my time and love, but so ready to give a a cheap and meaningless gift and walk away. i am "caught up" in the consumerism every year even if i try not to be.

i don't want to do that this year. in fact, i refuse. i will give of something that i struggle to give, (especially of late), time, something i so often think belongs fully to me. if you see me slipping in this area, i fully invite you to call me on it; i need it.

so happy early Christmas-may we learn to celebrate it with others in love, joy, and humility.

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