Wednesday, November 5, 2008


this is my friend kimberlee and no, i'm not a creeper. finish reading and i'll explain.

kimberlee, or kimber as i lovingly call her, is from northern california and attends cbu. she is gonna be a teacher and wants to live in africa. if it weren't for God giving us both a heart for the nations, we probably wouldn't be friends. she's that person in your group of friends who is totally wise beyond her years and sadly we joke with her that this is because she went to private school for so long. if you don't know her shame on you! just kidding. well, almost.

this is not a dating advertisement. in fact, she would probably yell at me if she read this, but i think it is important to understand a bit about the person i am about to ask you to support. my crazy, but wise friend kimber is running a marathon, (like half of the cbu population). she's raising support for world vision and she would humbly request that you pray for her and donate if you feel led. i say, give her a stinkin dollar a mile and get over yourself. but hey, whatev.

please do check out her website for more information and feel free to tell others about this great opportunity to help support not only my great friend, but an organization that is doing something for the Kingdom.

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