Wednesday, November 12, 2008

growing up

i've always dreaded growing up. the mere thought of having to (gulp) act professional kinda makes me queezy. this is probably why i've stuck to jobs like lifeguarding, teaching swim lessons, and being an ra. i have some responsibility, but there is so much room to have fun and be absolutely silly.

with a bunch of childhood friends getting married, twenty three down the block, (it's not quite around the corner yet...), and seemingly more responsibilty with nursing and nursing school each week, it seems like i have to face the facts-i'm growing up. the scary part is, i think i like it!

i've realized that as i grow up, relationships with friends have strengthenedand conversations have deepened. close and true friends may have grown thinner like a man balding as he gets older, but how precious are those few hairs that are left; how precious are my friends that i have. i know that i propably place too much trust in people, but i spent too many years not trusting people, so i hope that i learn to open up more and trust people more as i grow up, the antithesis of our cultural learning.

i've realized that my whatever my future job will hold, it's gonna have responsibilty and i have to be responsible, so no matter how much i want to avoid it, so i might as well just embrace it. i don't have to give up my silliness, i just need to learn to be fun in a responsible way...pediatrics? maybe... thank you God that life is dynamic.

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Steph.URen said...

you were so cute... AND YOU STILL ARE! I really like you a lot!