Saturday, November 1, 2008


any sleepless in seattle fans? i know there are some fans of seattle out there, but does anyone love this movie as much as i do? good.

well, this blog has little to do with the movie except for this classic line: MFEO-made for each other. this is the way i feel about health care. sure, there are certain aspects that i detest, like really sick people not being able to get help just because they have no health inssurance, really arrogant doctors, or children that scream as i give them a shot (no really, i mean SCREAM). but there are plenty of reasons to love health care. the are as follows:

  • -i love taking care of people. i know i gripe about clinical days, but they are truly the best part of my week because i am able to take place in something that i can't put words to; it's a blessing and truly humbling.
  • -talking to people is boss. in the relm of healthcare, people can't not talk to me because i'm their nurse-yes! more isnta-friends!!!
  • -there are indian doctors and nurses everywhere!!! i've interacted with at least three this semester alone. (this point will be ellaborated on shortly...)
  • -people need Jesus. i get to share the love and touch of Christ with people and hopefully, i will even have opportunities to share the truth of this wonderful and powerful Savior and Lord.

i had these revelations as i was sitting in the exam room at the urgent care yesterday. my doctor was an indian man, (totally boss), and there was another indian doctor in the hall. i mean really? even if by some strange circumstance God "calls" me to stay in the states, i will still be able to minister to the people that i love and have such a "burden" for. i pray that God will give me the boldness to talk with these doctors and nurses now, so that the name of Jesus the Christ may be known in all the earth, to the glory of God.

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Jillian said...

did you really just say "totally boss"? that's awesome.