Friday, November 21, 2008

favorite movie

i feel like people are always asking this question. okay, not always, but it's a fairly common "get to know ya" question. well, i think i finally came to a conclusion. i used to think that a drama would hold this coveted number spot, but i was wrong-dead wrong.

this evening i've had the hardest time focusing. i even took an unintentional twenty minute nap. i don't understand-the break is days away, but i can't seem to stay focused on the things that need to get done so i can really have a break. so, i'm taking a miniature break tonight. this is where the discovery took place.

i was craving finding nemo. have you ever really watched that movie? i mean really watched it? it is an incredible piece of animation, not to mention the lines getcha every time!!!

so there you have it. finding nemo has been officially dubbed as number one.

you know you want to watch it now.

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