Tuesday, December 23, 2008

break thus far

break has been very interesting thus far and it's so weird that it's Christmas eve already! i've been to SF twice, played football in the rain, listened to the prosperity gospel, watched friends go ice skating, and made (well, still making), christmas presents.

san francisco times one was with the youth leaders at church. we drove up saturday night and drove back sunday morning for church. we stayed in a sweet hotel a 1/2 a block from union square. after dinner, we walked around and then headed back to the rooms for a game of apples to apples and mofia:

youth leaders in union square

at church on sunday i learned that Jesus didn't die for the world, but died for me-wow! then, i got to play some football in the rain to get out my aggression/anger from the sermon:

choir at church (thanks betsy)

christmas clash crew

me and kim: we beat each other up on the line ;)

monday was ice skating night, but i just watched. good times tryng to figure out my camera:

ellen, betsy, heather, and cari-sister and youth group friends

today it was san francisco times two. ellen and i headed up to the city our uncle. we went to the legion of honor to check out a lame da vinci exibit, but i got to see some monet, picasso, and, my favorite, dalhi:

me and salvidor

ellen and me outside the legion of honor

tuesday night i went bowling with the "high schoolers." ugly sweaters was the name of the game:

this was the Luster King

cari, marge, betsy, and me; ANTM anyone?

it's been a good break. i think i've decided i can't move back home after grad (in a year and a half). i can't handle living here this long, how could i handle living here months at a time?
i'm excited for christmas, to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus, the Christ. I hope i'm learning more and more what it means to follow Him and to search after Him. I pray the same for my friends.

Happy Christmas!

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