Sunday, December 28, 2008


i used to love christmas caroling. i love the harmonies, the gooy feeling you get inside, and the smiles that it brings to others.

i went caroling with my church a few days ago and i was mixed with emotions. like i said, i really like caroling because i get to sing songs from choir long ago and pretend that i can sing. i looked through the song list-jingle bells, we wish you a merry christmas? should a church be endorsing these songs that don't reflect "the reason for the season?"

but my near disdain for caroling is deepened by two factors: 1)the church sings glorious songs about Jesus the Christ and doesn't seem to sing them as if they were true or even recognize what they are singing, but sing them out of tradition and cause they're purty. (i mean,
away in a manager? what?) 2)the world has adpoted these wonderful truth-telling songs about Jesus Christ as merely "nice and purty songs." i dunno.

i know some of you may want to stone me, but i'm simply making an observation. i don't desire to get rid of christmas songs, but rahter see them used differently in the church and the "world," restoring their purity and beauty

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